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F45 lunch and dinner 6 days women

Following the F45 guide lines we are providing a weekly changing menu to run alongside the 8 week challenge, the menu will be uploaded here each Thursday, it is a set menu but we will allow small changes for allergens or no fish or no meat options.

This is the just lunch diner and snack option.
  • With the package you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack at a total of approx 1300 calories for a women and 1650 calories for a man which will leave you with enough calories to add an extra shake or to cover drinks for the day.
  • Deliveries will be Mondays and Thursdays via dpd, you will be contacted by dpd and given a 1 hour delivery slot time the morning of delivery, this is a next day service and we are not able to give time slots ourselves
  • If you are looking to have a selected time slot we can offer before 12pm and before 10:30am these are at an extra cost per delivery and are also subject to dads terms and conditions, please email us for these options.
  • A delivery charge will be added at the end of check out.
  • For local Birmingham deliveries please check with us if we deliver in you’re area or the food can be delivered to the gym.
  • If you have any allergies please note them in the notes section when placing the order.
  1. Monday
  • Breakfast –     Scrambled eggs, feta, toasted almonds and roasted tomato
  • Lunch –           Spicy beef chipotle bowl
  • Dinner –         Cajun chicken, tomato salsa and quinoa
  1. Tuesday
  • Breakfast-     Blueberry and banana protein oats
  • Lunch-           Red chicken curry, brown rice
  • Dinner –         Meatballs with basil and tomato sauce, mixed veggies
  1. Wednesday
  • Breakfast-     Scrambled eggs, paprika clean beans, baked mushrooms
  • Lunch –         Grilled chicken, black bean quinoa, coriander yoghurt
  • Dinner –       Lemon curry cod, baked sweet potato, tandoori pea’s
  1. Thursday
  • Breakfast –   Scrambled eggs, feta, toasted almonds and roasted tomato
  • Lunch –         Kerala spiced chicken curry, spicy rice and chilli veggies
  • Dinner –       Sesame & soy salmon, pak choi, stir fry veggie and rice noodle
  1. Friday
  • Breakfast-       Cacao and peanut butter overnight oats
  • Lunch –           Pulled Mexican chicken, tomato cous cous
  • Dinner –         Meatballs with basil and tomato sauce, mixed veggies
  1. Saturday
  • Breakfast –   Blueberry and banana protein oats
  • Lunch –         Lean steak burger, Cajun sweet potato, sriracha ketchup
  • Dinner –       Red chicken curry, brown rice
  1. Snack – Chocolate and orange energy balls

Nutrional Breakdown

: Each meal is 350 calories

Additional Information

Allergens: each meal is individually labelled

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