Bulk Tandoori Chicken Thigh

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Bulk Tandoori Chicken Thigh

Marinated boneless chicken thigh, on a bed of turmeric rice with spiced carrots, macho pea’s & Mango chutney.

Our individual bulk meals are 550-600 calories 

Macro and calorie information is for guidance purposes only, all macro and calorie information may change subject to a customers allergens, intolerance or dislikes.


Orders need to be placed by 10pm Monday for delivery Wednesday or by 10pm Friday for Sunday delivery.

How deliveries work

Individual meal deliveries are made nationwide VIA Dpd, they will give you a 1 hour time slot each morning of delivery. Deliveries are always Sundays & Wednesdays. We cannot guarantee delivery times.

Local deliveries are made by our local delivery partner, the deliveries will be made throughout the day each Sunday & Wednesday, we can’t  give a time slot for these deliveries its usually between 1pm & 7pm.

Delivery options will be given when you add your postcode at check out.

How to Heat 

Our new fully recyclable packaging is now oven proof, so to heat you can now just remove from the sleeve, pierce the film and place in a pre heated oven on 190 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes or until piping hot, if you have a potato dish and would like a crispy finish the pull the film in for the last 5 minutes.

To heat in the microwave remove from the sleeve pierce the film and place in the microwave on full power for 3 minutes.

Be careful when removing the film as steam will be released

How to store 

Once food package has been delivered, you will need to store the food in the fridge as soon as possible and eat within the use by date on each meal.


Nutrition delivered limited cannot guarantee there will not be traces of the 14 key allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency in any of the meals. Nutrition delivered limited cannot ensure all allergen requests can be met. 


Tandoori chicken thigh, Turmeric rice ( rice, turmeric, onion, garlic, coriander), onions, broccoli , coriander , Macho Pea's, Chilli, Spiced carrots, Mango chutney (mangos, sugar, salt, garlic, cumin, fenugreek seeds, mixed spices, cardamon, clove, herb, black peppercorns, nigella seeds)

Nutrional Breakdown

Calories : 535
Protein: 43g
Carbs: 59g
Fat: 14g

Additional Information

Allergens : Mustard,

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