5 Day Low Carb lunch and dinner package

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5 Day Low Carb lunch and dinner package

This package is a low carb, high protein the carbs are coming from the vegetables only,
  • With the package you will get lunch and dinner at a total of approx 750 calories which will leave you with enough calories to add an extra shake or to cover drinks for the day.
  • You will get 2 Deliveries a week Sundays and Wednesdays via dpd, you will be contacted by dpd and given a 1 hour delivery slot time the morning of delivery,
  • A delivery charge will be added at the end of check out.
  • If you have any allergies please note them in the notes section when placing the order.
  • Lunch – Asian glazed chicken thighs, pak choi, Asian slaw
  • Dinner – Peri salmon, roasted med veg  & macho pea’s, broccoli
  • Lunch – Teriyaki chicken and mushroom zoodle bowl, sesame stir fry
  • Dinner – Pulled bbq beef hot pot, super greens, Cajun corn
  • Lunch – honey BBQ salmon & mozzarella zoodle bowl
  • Dinner – Pulled chicken, chasseur sauce & rosemary squash
  • Lunch – Chicken & spiced cauliflower, pickles & tomatoes, feta
  • Dinner – Asian BBQ salmon, sesame stir fry & pak choi
  • Lunch – Lemon herb chicken thighs, roasted veggies
  • Dinner – Beef burrito bowl, cauliflower rice & jalapenos


Each box is individually labelled

Nutrional Breakdown

Each meal is approx: 350 calories

Additional Information

Allergens : Each box is individually labelled

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